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Logo Hatrans


Hatrans Logistics Ltd.
Company overview - Company mission
Hatrans Ltd. Countinously promote development of logistics services to satisfy our Clients needs in respect of quality, efficiency, simplicity and environment protection.

Some facts

  • 31 years experience in Central Europe
  • Perfect location in Central Europe & Central Poland – Łódź
  • Modern distribution center
  • Warehouse space – 40.000 of pallet places

Service domain

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Domestic distribution (PSD)
  • International groupage transport, part loads and full loads
  • Custom services
  • Individual projects (Kanban, Just in Time, VMI & others)

Why  Hatrans?

  • Comprehensive services including: domestic and international transport, custom clearances, storage in the warehouse and bonded warehouse, domestic & international distribution
  • Close cooperation with Client by appointed Hatrans Ltd. coordinator
  • High Quality of Services performed by qualified and well trained personel
  • Certainty and stability achieved during many years of experience (since 1989)
  • The best quality and the newest equipment and IT systems used in warehouse management


  • Highly expirienced managers are responsible for problems solving
  • Well trained workers
  • System of motivation
  • Hatrans Ltd. ethic values are handed down from Management to blue collar workers
  • Efficient motivation system
  • Permanent trainings for personel